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Hello, I am Cyndi (Pullano) WHITE, your only unaffiliated party candidate for this non-partisan School Board election. Most who know me will tell you, I am dedicated, knowledgeable, tenacious and passionate. Even my opponents and the sitting Board members have told me the same. They have seen me many times as the only person from the public at Board meetings week after week for the past 2 years.

While contemplating my candidacy for the Board of Education there were many considerations my family and I wanted to be certain of.
  •  I am an effective community leader and will serve with knowledge and open-minded collaboration as a Board Member
  •  I am prepared to serve my district’s students, teacher and taxpayers with the same intensity on the Board as I do from the audience
  •  I am able to make the time commitment.
The answer to each is a resounding YES.
I am an unaffiliated registered voter and Ocean resident for over 50 years. Married to my husband Kirk for 25 years, we have 3 sons who call Ocean home. Josh and Jeremy and Jacob. Josh, Jeremy and I all call OTHS our Alma mater and Jacob is in 3rd grade at OTES. I come from a legacy of service to our community, my parents all serving with passion and loyalty on our Police force, in our municipality, Italian American Association, Board of Adjustment, PTA president, Jaycees and multiple other volunteer groups and organizations.
My roots in Ocean are deep. My record of service to our youth is long. I served as the VP for Pop Warner Football (the old AYF) and OTES(the old Dow Ave) PTA, and on the Human Services Alliance.  Volunteer coach for Little League and Rec Soccer and team mom for practically every sport you can think of at one time or another.    I am currently a Special Olympics coach, coordinator and family mentor, 3rd year VP of membership for our Special Education PTA. The founder of our NJ Department of Education Mandated Special Education Parental Advisory Group, and of PLAYlocal our town wide playground rejuvenation initiative.
The 12 years between raising my children, I was an executive for a multi-million-dollar, manufacturer. Those years were spent managing staffs, writing policy, developing market strategies, budget planning and negotiating contracts. I lead an acquisition team in the purchase and renovation of a 100,000 sf facility and worked with multiple State agencies writing grants and developing employee retention programs. After Jacob was born, I returned to school, received my degrees in K-12 education and Nursing, both with honors as an adult student, caring for a child with a disability. I am now proudly a pediatric RN, working in a large local public-school district as a school nurse and absolutely love effecting the lives of children every day.
I have the benefit of both history and foresight when it comes to our Ocean Township Schools. I have been present in our district in the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10, and in a few months will be entering the 6thdecade myself or my children have walked the halls of an Ocean Township School.  I have seen change, firsthand. I often say, I have been here so long, my varsity jacket was blue.
I have seen enrollments sharply change and the effects of funding and program cuts. Balanced and unbalanced budgets, under cap and over cap. I have seen referendums, expansions, reallocation of students and what happens when morale declines and our teachers feel unsupported. I have seen championship seasons, school community celebrations and have seen and felt the effects of great leadership.  While the times they are a changing (Mr. Lysco reference for those of us of a certain age) I am prepared to serve our students, teachers, parents and stakeholders and lead us into the next decade.
I would like to share this recap of my comments from the candidates forum which has been shared numerous times here or can be found on my website :
  •  Our Senior citizens need to be lauded for their contributions to our community, thanked for their taxes and given opportunities to be part of the district culture.
  •  Special Education IS funded, and there is much more we can do to contain spending without taking away from the children who need support to succeed.
  •  The fabric of our district is changing. Census is down, sub-group populations are increasing. This is an opportunity for us to shine as a diverse inclusive school community, let’s embrace it.
  •  We need representation of ALL of our schools on our Board of Ed. Collaboration between parents, community and administration is proven to enhance school climates and close achievement gaps. #TogetherWeCanDoMore .
  •  Fiscal responsibility is more than a line on campaign literature or talking point. Look at the record of who shows up and who rubber stamp votes yes without question.
  • My plan for funding solutions is available on my website or message me I will send you a copy
  •  My long-term existing working relationships with the township and OTPD will enhance collaboration in shared services and school security initiatives.
  •  We MUST to do better for Mental Health services and Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying at all levels of our district.
  •  Our staff, not just our teachers, are as a majority, exceptional and dedicated. They deserve the recognition for the work they all do and need to be safe and supported in the classroom and for advancement within the district.
I am not seeking office as a steppingstone for future political gains or appointments. My devotion is to the future of all our children.  My experience and knowledge are proof, I am ready to get to work for you, our taxpayers, our educators and most of all for our children.
On Tuesday, you can vote for three, two or ONE candidate for the school board. Vote for our educators, our students and our future,  Vote ballot position #3, CYNDI WHITE.

Your vote for Cyndi White is a vote for...

  • Dedication to serve the office she seeks, not using the Board of Education as a stepping stone
  • Spartan Legacy of service and engagement within our community. 
  • The very best teachers and staff money can support. 
  • Your child’s voice and for enhanced family communication and parental participation. 
  • Creative budget planning and efficient allocation of your hard-earned tax dollars.
  • An involved representative who does not need on the job training.
  • A vote on all topics with the best interest of our school district, not alliances or special interests.

VOTE Ballot positon #3 on November 5, 2019

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